Kirk/Spock Stories

The stories listed in this section deal with a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock, which means m/m slash.

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The Wedding Gift
Kirk encounters a telepath who opens his eyes to some important truths. Rated PG-13. Posted 9/24/97

The Edge
An exploration of the dark side of Kirk and Spock's relationship as t'hy'la. Rated NC-17. Posted 9/24/97

A very brief "first time" story. Rated PG-13. Posted 10/30/97

Spare the Rod
Spock learns some of the nuances of human sexuality. Rated NC-17. Posted 12/17/97

The Life That Lies Before
1997 Golden Orgasm--Third Place, TOS Slash
The death of Kirk's brother Sam brings up a painful memory. A story about healing. Rated NC-17. Posted 12/17/97

Once and Future
The legend of Kirk and Spock. Rated G. Posted 2/14/98

Fancy's Hot Fire
An encounter on the Shore Leave planet. Rated R. Posted 3/25/98

A Tale From the North
Jungle Kitty's contribution to the Legends of TOS stories. Rated PG-13. Posted 5/2/98

A Twice-Told Tale
Spock tells Kirk what he would like for his birthday. Rated PG-13. Posted 5/2/98

Golden Boy
1998 Golden Orgasm--Best TOS Story
1998 Golden Orgasm--Best Challenge
1998 Golden Orgasm--Second Place, TOS Slash
1998 ASC--Second Place K/S
An alternate-universe story, in which Kirk's dark activities as a young man have a profound effect on the rest of his life. Rated R. Reposted: 1/10/99

Unlike Any Other
Kirk sings "To All the Girls I've Loved Before." No, not really, but that's the theme of this story. Rated PG-13. Posted 8/10/98

Talk Dirty To Me
A late-night cable TV show receives a phone call. Rated R. Posted 11/8/98

A Long Explanation and a Short Story
A K/S story inspired by comments on the Sci Fi Channel. Rated PG-13. Posted 11/8/98

Mother Knows Best
This is a TupperTrek story. In the TupperTrekiverse, at least one male character in the story is waaaaay too in touch with his feminine side. In this story, Kirk is afraid he's losing Spock's love and he's desperate enough to try anything. Curse you, Tuppertrek Demon! Rated PG-13. Posted 10/26/99

Modular Mates
ASC 1999--3rd Place, TOS Humor
This is a TupperTrek story, in which at least one male character in the story is waaaaay too in touch with his feminine side. In this story, there's a crisis in the galactic love refrigerator, otherwise known as the TupperTrekiverse, where things aren't as fresh and tidy as we might wish. It also features an appearance by another fanfiction tradition, but you'll have to read the story. Rated PG. Posted 10/26/99

The Love Song of Surak
A response to the -shudder- bathroom challenge, among other things. Mike Hollihan, I'll get you for this. As for the rating, I think this should be rated S for SQUICK. Rated PG-13. Posted 2/26/00

TMI (Too Much Information)
I wanted something different. So does Jim. Another one that should be rated S for SQUICK. Rated NC-17. Posted 11/22/00

To Say Nothing Of The Tribble
A sequel to TMI (Too Much Information) in which Jungle Kitty blatantly rips off an urban legend. When last we saw our heroes, they were on their way to Spock's quarters to get a tribble, unknowing that they were walking into an explosive pile-up on the Genre Cliche Highway. Another one that should be rated S for SQUICK. Rated NC-17. Posted 11/22/00

The K/S Squi_q Fest
A final bit of lunacy inspired by TMI and To Say Nothing of the Tribble. Several writers participated in this. You can, too! Ratings vary, mostly R and NC-17.

Norra Rude Person
UK Jess wrote a story called "I'm Norra a Rude Person," a short K/S story in Yorkshire dialect. The plot in brief is as old as K/S itself: Their shuttlecraft crashes so they take refuge in a cave and discover the wonders of pon farr. Since then, we've seen this same plot in an amazing varieties of dialects and jargons. Here are mine.

The Big List of K/S Cliches
How much is too much? You decide. Rated PG-13. Updated 12/23/04

Doctor's Orders
A very strange and silly muse calling herself T'Kitty showed up and wrote this parody of "McCoy as facilitator of true love" stories. I disavow all knowledge of myself. Rated NC-17. Posted 03/03/02

Nacelles of Desire
2002 ASC--3rd Place, TOS Humor
An unauthorized sequel to T'Kitty's "Doctor's Orders," written by Kerensa Ravenwing, a fourteen-year-old who has read too many romance novels. Rated NC-17. Posted 03/03/02

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